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I live next to the Plaza de Armas in Santiago. This is the historic center of town, where tourists congregate, and there is always something going on. Compared to other places in South America, Santiago is a little less glamorous, mystical or sexy, but its still a pretty exciting place to be living. Or should be. I mean, in US terms this is like if I was living two blocks from Times Square.

But my general attitude towards all this music and dancing is...well, blah. And not just because its also a place where I need to watch my wallet. I just don't really think much of going there.

So today, other than going outside to get some money from an ATM (located in a Metro station), and then going to turn that money into bills so I could use the laundry room...I watched The Secret World of Alex Mack, played Masters of Orion 2, and ate cinnamon toast. I don't know if this is a bad thing or not. Sometimes, I guess, I just have to spin my gears.
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