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It was less than a month ago that I signed for my apartment. My timeline is a little bit hazy, but I think it was Monday the 17th of April. I remember in the first week of April, the entire idea that something like moving could be done in a month seemed ridiculous: moving seemed to be a barrier, a wall, and I didn't know how I would get through it. My entire time here had been lived in one building, it seemed almost bizarre to reorder my life. But then it happened, quite suddenly, with some fatigue but without major problems, and now I don't even really connect my life now with my life in March. All those things became memories very quickly. This is despite the fact that for much of it, I can construct a pretty good day by day, sometimes even hour by hour, timeline.

So now I am here, getting rid of anxieties of my new life, as I figure out how to do things one by one. Finally figured out how to quickly and easily do laundry.

Another thing about this for me was there was already several phases in my life here. I think it was December or January that I really started to feel comfortable here, like I really knew what I was doing. By January, it was hard for me to understand my August self, and my August self couldn't understand my May self. But now, the January attitude feels just as far away as my initial, traumatized and confused May self.

So...what comes next?
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