Jun. 27th, 2017

An elevated Metro station in Santiago, Chile.

There is a lot of famous sites in Chile. The dry desert of San Pedro de Atacama. The painted hillsides of Valparaiso. The towering glaciers of Torre Del Paine.

And just like an average person in the United States isn't at Old Faithful, the Grand Canyon, or the Sears Tower every week, I don't see those places often. In fact, I've never seen two of them.

And also, against stereotypes, I don't spend my time at street markets where people are dancing in the sun and eating fruit and playing music with their neighbors.

But I love walking. I love walking through boring suburban landscapes. Yesterday, I continued my goal of walking across Santiago by walking for a few miles besides the Metro Line in Bellavista de Florida and Puente Alto. Walking like this gets me into a trance, and I start noticing more about my environment. A little trip like this, when I am directing it myself, makes me feel in touch with my environment in a way that a more majestic but prepackaged trip does not. And I come home in the rain, and my normal world looks a little less normal because I have a different perspective to put it in...



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