Jun. 21st, 2017

It is winter solstice. As I might have mentioned, this limits my activities to "work" and "hiding from the cold"

Also as I might have mentioned, this marks a much longer time here than I ever thought I would have. This means I have been here four complete seasons. And also as mentioned, my current life begin here only in late April, when I moved into this apartment. The 366 days before that, living in Providencia, are now prehistory, only vaguely reconstructed from pottery shards and cordage. Also from the exhaustive documentation I have of everything I've done via the internet. But even with that, its all just "pre" now. And the time before I came to Chile? I know I should feel something about it, but I keep losing track of why it was important to me.

So I am in a coccoon now, not keeping points, not keeping an agenda, other than to pay off my student loans and do good at work. Who knows how I will come out? Or when? Winter here is short, and perhaps in four weeks I will be bright again.



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