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Since my last entry, I have moved, something that I was planning for some time, and that was in process for a while. Moving, even when I had only a few boxes of stuff that could be moved pretty easily on the Metro, was a stressful process that is now completed.

My roommate is moving back to Spain, and it was probably time that I move out on my own. The last time I really had my own apartment was in Brookings, living in an empty two bedroom apartment, moving between a laptop stuck on three milkcrates and the mattress that I slept on in one empty bedroom. I was unhappy, but looking back on it, there was an element of enjoying the vacuum of privacy. I signed my contract here for six months, who knows what will happen in six months? I am giving myself a few weeks to enjoy being alone, enjoy the stress of moving being over, and then I am going to Think About The Future (TM).

Otherwise? Lots of things still up in the air, a lot of things that I am still juggling. The same story as always.



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